Prehistory of the Metaverse [Translation]

“New Topics” Are Often Not That New

AR game — Arcade Reality in 2007 on Palm
Mechanical Turk

Social Attributes: The First Attribute of the Metaverse

Notes provided by IRATA.Online
Lottery draw in “Paradise Station”

“Network Society” is Not Just the Internet

NEON BBS running on Tornado+ for DOS
Minitel co-existed with the Internet for many years until it ended in 2012, this was the Minitel terminal Alcatel Web Touch Easy in 2000

Visualization Practices in Cyberspace

Search for content in GopherVR
“Fiber-seeking backhoe” is a “force majeure” for network service terminals

Virtual Space Experiments in the 90s

AlphaWorlds User Interface servers still running today
Screenshot of Intel Distributed MOO
Diversity University”’s VRML MOO environment
Demo scene provided by Scol Engine
<CENTER><OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:1B487523-BEC2-11CF-BF9E-0020AF998FF5"WIDTH=512 HEIGHT=384 align="center" border="8" id="VirtualMachine"><PARAM NAME="World" VALUE="Assignment1.svr"><embed SRC="Assignment1.svr" WIDTH="512" HEIGHT="384"></OBJECT></CENTER>

Virtual Identity

The running SAPARi server and client installed locally
The development environment provided by Croquet Project within its 3D space



<Architect | Software Developer | Metaverse Enthusiast> Discord: Architecting the Metaverse

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